An online directory is a collection of website listings, organised by main categories and sub-categories (or main topics and sub-topics).

How Directories Work

A directory holds and references ‘listings’ which contain basic details about websites and their content. When using a directory, users can browse the directory’s categories to locate the section that best fits their query. Increasingly, directories integrate search features that work in a similar way to a search engine, i.e. searching brings up results that are based on the keyword relevancy of the site or the site’s directory listing, or a combination of both.

One of the most popular Web directories for Webmasters seeking a highly reputable link to their Web site is DMOZ or the Open Directory ( This directory is human-edited by volunteer editors and provides Google with search results.

Directory Listings As SEO Strategy

Part of your search engine optimisation strategy should involve submitting your website to local and international directories. Good positioning in directories can significantly increase the number of targeted visitors to your site.

Not all directories are created equal of course, and they tend to fall into the following categories:

Creating A Listing for Your Site

To have your site listed in a directory, typically you need to submit:

Paid Listings

When directories become more established, they often do not allow websites to be listed in ‘money-spinning’ categories free of charge. Before you pay for listings, we recommend that you:

Most Popular Directories

View some of the most popular directories in countries with high Internet usage:

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