Search Engines

Search engines are information retrieval systems designed to find and retrieve information stored on a computer. The most commonly viewed search engines are web based search engines, which search for information on the World Wide Web (www).

Search engines retrieve information, which they perceive as relevant to a user’s search phrase or search query. Many search engines index websites using the information published on websites such as meta data and page content to ascertain what they are about. They present their findings in SERPS (search engine results pages) to the user ranked in order of relevance.

Most Popular Search Engines

The world’s most successful search engine is Google. So successful that its founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were billionaries by their mid-30s and that their creation now services over 200 million search queries a day. ‘To google’ has become synonymous with ‘to search’ on the web.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of search engines that have been developed, but the most popular are Google, Yahoo!, and AOL. These are the search engines that website owners want to rank highly on.

Dealing with billions of queries a year and billions of websites, it is not surprising that search engines have been refined to serve up the most relevant results for users in specific countries and for users searching for specific types of material.

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