Bid Management Tools

If you are running a paid search engine advertising campaign, you may find that as it grows it becomes more and more time-consuming to manage your bidding budgets.

Getting the best value for your marketing spend is of paramount interest to anyone handling large accounts and bid management tools are designed to enable easy and effective management of keyword bidding across a variety of search engine advertising programs.

Some of the tools which you may find of interest are listed below:

How Useful Are Bid Management Tools

Opinion is divided as to whether bid management tools are still useful to search engine marketeers (SEMs) given search engines’ increased focus on quality and relevant adverts. Some SEMs believe bid management tools are still useful in managing the ‘long tail’ of your search campaigns (when campaigns may literally target thousands of ‘long tail’ keyword searches), but that you should focus more on your ad copy and landing pages.

Ad Creatives

These are crucial to the success of any advertising campaign and ultimately, bid management tools can’t help you be creative or intuitive with developing them.

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* Long tail refers to a keyword phrase that is much longer and more detailed than most keyword searches. It may consist of 6 or 7 words rather than 2 or 3.

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