Link Checking

Search engines like links. Not only do they use them to move between webpages and websites, but many search engines use links to help gauge a website’s popularity. The theory being that the more links you have pointing to your website from other third-party sites, the more popular your website is and the more online ‘votes’ you have received. Aside from usability issues, it’s important, therefore, to ensure that the links are your website are up to date and functional.

Here you will find handy link checking tools and tips on how to check your link popularity:

How to Manually Check your Link Popularity


Your Google link popularity refers to the number of links Google finds for your website (note: this may not necessarily be all of them). To find out how many links Google finds for site using Google itself, simply:


Again, your Yahoo! link popularity refers to the number of links Yahoo! find for your website. Yahoo! also offers you the option of finding links from all page and from pages other than your domain and sub-domains.

Link Popularity Checking Tools

Now you can asses your link popularity, you may be wondering how many links you need. The Market Leap tool is particularly useful for this, as it can benchmark your link popularity against your industry and selected competition. You should remember if you embark on a program of increasing your links, that not all links are of equal merit.

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