Search Marketing

Search marketing is a more expansive way of advertising your presence or your business online than search engine marketing. It explores all online avenues for additional exposure whether it be through participation, advertising or referrals (backlinks). Blogs, forums, press releases and social networking websites all offer the wily and patient search marketer additional online promotional opportunities. Check these out:


Find out what a blog is and how you can use blogs to your search marketing advantage. Information provided includes how to optimise a blog and blog post, what the advantages and disadvantages of using blogs can be, blog tools and blogs about search marketing.


View more information on web forums and find out how you can use them to best SEM advantage.

Press Releases

Find out how and where to distribute your online press releases, what to include them and how to optimise them.

Social Networking Sites

Find out how using social networking sites can benefit your business and view some of the most popular networking sites being used by web users today.

Rocket Rank offers webmasters easy access to tools and information about keyword research, optimisation and search marketing.”